We MISS you dear BCWMH writers!

In behalf of the ADIKTUS kingdom who loves SC-MAYA, we would like to take this opportunity to beg those fave writers, sana, you will have time for UPDATES…we hope the love for BCWMH is still there – alive and kicking….kasi we are waiting and hoping to read updates on those stories we love…

Marami pa din po kaming mga ADIKS who are patiently waiting…and to while away our time we are presently going over and reading again PAST STORIES WE LOVE…dun lang po namin nadidiscover that some stories now have different PW and some dati wlang PW now meron na….i get FB messages and emails asking for PW…calling MS. MALTZ…pls pls have time to reply to our email requests kasi po PAST stories nalng po namin binubuhay ang dugo namin….

We especially love to thank EJOY for continuously giving us our PILL…thru your IF ONLY, nabubuhay ang dugo namin at napapanatili naming buhay ang pagmamahal namin sa SC-Maya tandem whom we cant forget. Till now we are holding on and keeping the love alive…there’s sophipet, anne, lirahc2014, chasalva, timmy, timgreg822, marian, batiboj, onetteg, bunbun, chuwie, elsa mendoza, etc etc etc who are still waiting and waiting….

Thank you and GOD bless everyone!


Recommended faves

These are what i presently watches over and over and over:


Plot: A romance takes place between Kang Chul (Lee Jong-Suk), who is super rich and exist in the webtoon “W,” and Oh Yeon-Joo (Han Hyo-Joo) who is a surgeon in the real world

*LOVE 020 (ONLINE TO OFFLINE) / A Smile So Alluring / A Smile So Beautiful

Plot: Xiao Nai is a gaming expert who falls in love with Bei Wei Wei but thru gaming world he pursues the Computer Science Beauty.


PLOT: A lovestory between the owner of the company who fell in love with a mere employee by watching her in secret while she eats her lunch in the rooftop.


PLOT: A lovestory between an actress and an alien who have been in the earth for the past 400 yrs.






I am here once again….sa aking TRUE LOVE!!! READING FFs!! so in love pa din sa FF stories kasi its what kept me going…what kept me sane…and makes me sooo happy that i feel i am in cloud 9 and seventh heaven pa….thru reading….nabubuhay ang pagiging adik ko at khit ano mangyari at khit kanino pa sila e-pair…i will always wait for the time that i will see them again – together in the screen!!!! but…for the meantime…i will keep my fantasy in my heart and in my mind!!! what ever i hear…be it good or bad…no one can stop my “addictness”.  I know i am too old for this…idolizing actors and actresses pero what can i do? i think i am hooked for life! i may like Marian Rivera for years na but JODI is JODI…when i watched her in BCWMH – wla na!!!! yun na!!! so….again before anything else…thank you Fanfic writers…you are all an angel in disguise! and to my new found friends here and to all to be friends….God bless you all!!!

“FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS” Please pls???

One of the most sought after kong FF basahin are the ones that made me “bitin” watching our beloved show Be Careful With My Heart! Someone said (in the comments page), that saktong sakto ang mga stories kasi na pi FILL IN THE BLANKS ang mga epi na bokya tayo, dahil sa, the show are for GENERAL PATRONAGE!! Like yung ngaaway si Mr. & Mrs. Lim sa sasakyan at sabi nila mag usap sila? and then we saw their car went left or U-turn ba yun? and then the next scene was – scattered clothes and shoes everywhere and the husband and wife are in bed? obvious with no clothes (pero natakpan ng puting kumot?)….a lot has been written about that epi…one was done by TheRayters and 3 more writers wrote din….which made me, and lots of us here happy and contented! Tama ba mga adiks kong mahal???

So now, eto ang request ko to both – writers and readers!!! To the readers – lets request our beloved writers what t to write or what episodes made us “bitin” like – yung after ng kasal nila manang fe? the next scene was our beloved couple in bed – SC looking lovinly at his Maya sleeping soundly? Dont we need a “Fill in the blank” story for that? Kayo, mga readers what do you think? lets start doing our request? mahal tayo ng ating mga writers so i’m sure di nila tayo matitiis?? Am i right? or left? hehe……thank you in advance!!! God bless everyone!! and Enjoy!!!

To Those Who are asking about Hanah’s MOU….

Pinutakte ang email ko and FB ng messages asking what is happening or why we cannot access MOU…i emailed Hanah and got a prompt reply (less than 5 mins) and here’s her message to everyone:

Paki sabi hintay Lang muna Kayo. I wil re-open soon, may inayos ako sa account ko. Na compromise kasi ang email account that links to all all the platforms na meron ako, Twitter, WP and watt pad.

Reason why i love BCWMH fanfictions…

Compared to Mills & Boons or Harlequin, etc books, fanfictions are more….how do i say it….alive? Whenever i read each stories…i can imagine the facial expressions of the characters and its like i can even hear their voices. Relate to the max ang feeling and some stories you can even request from the writers scenarios that would make adiktus like me “kilig” and “buhay na buhay ang dugo”….

The series is gone in our screens at home….but, to the adiks like me…it remains in my mind and most especially in my heart! To the writers who still love to write stories of them, i am indebted to you for making adiks like me alive, happy and still very much in love with Maya & SC.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  God bless you for making adiks like me happy!!! Sana, hindi pa rin kau magsawa because, we will always be here…expecting an update, excited to read and to imagine…to fantasize!!  Yes, masarap mag ulit ulit (like watching the dvds or from YouTube or the vids captured), stories that i have bookmarked and when i am sad or may pinaghuhugutan, i would read and reread but….iba pa din pag me bago….iba excitement…at iba ung me inaabangan ka….andun yung suspense?

Again…thank you my favorite authors/writers…